A new zinc kettle and a new innovative zinc furnace have been installed at Rotocoat Heerhugowaard. This zinc furnace, the first of its kind in Europe, is equipped with a new type of burner that uses a heat recovery system that is expected to consume 15% less energy, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

We are pleased that Rotocoat has invested in a new sustainable pre-treatment and innovative zinc furnace in Heerhugowaard.

- André Pancras, production worker Rotocoat Heerhugowaard -


In the ROTO People Survey only 63% indicated that the physical working conditions (such as ventilation, temperature and space to work) are alright. That is also why Rotocoat is looking into innovative ideas to improve these conditions and especially lighten heavy lifting for our Family members who work in production. Rotocoat has ordered back braces, started a pilot with exoskeletons and is investigating the investment in a robot arm to make heavy lifting easier.

In 2021, De Boer Staal set up a project group to investigate robotisation for automatic edge finishing options, the results of which will be known in 2022.