From products to brands

In line with our ROTO Strategy House and the acquisition of Prestia, we are moving from a product-oriented to a brand- and service-oriented marketing approach, to emphasize what our brands stand for and what added value they offer. The new ROTO identity will take shape in 2022.


In 2021, we have focused on the use of social media such as LinkedIn, to share current posts faster and more regularly, giving recipients the option to directly respond to our posts and start a conversation with us right away.

In 2021, Rotocoat has registered the "Zinculair" and "Centrizink" brands, which will be used in conjunction with their C2C certification.

Staco is working with a content calendar for the various social media and website posts. In addition, Staco focuses on the launch of the new Create & Inspire brand story and brand book and content creation for the new website. In addition to these marketing topics, Staco is working on expanding online lead generation so that sales can proactively connect with prospects. Proactive direct selling has become an integral part of the market approach.

When using marketing more strategically, it is easier to generate leads. By helping with customer journeys and responding to touchpoints, we are creating more sales opportunities.

- Felix Jansen, sales support Staco Nederland -

Rezinal is working on a series of short corporate videos for social media on various topics such as sustainability, product quality and sourcing of raw materials. De Boer Staal posted more messages and gained more followers on LinkedIn in 2021.