Building a safety culture that prevents accidents and condemns inappropriate behaviour in any form is the number one priority within ROTO and the management of all our Business Units. Providing a safe work environment where all our Family members feel safe to be who they are, is central to our ROTO Family.

Therefore, further safety training of all our managers and foremen is planned for 2022, as they are essential in raising and promoting safety awareness and proper behaviour on the work floor. By leading by example, it is easier to increases the support of our Family members. Also new innovative methods will be introduced to improve physical working conditions and especially heavy lifting.


With an aging work force, the recruitment of new Family members is necessary. Especially for production work, this is a challenging task that needs our continuous attention. At the same time we stimulate our Family members to grow and develop themselves by investing in training and education through our new initiated and existing internal academies. We do not expect the number of Family members to grow significantly in 2022.


We are concerned about the personal drama of so many people in the Eastern European region and what impact the current instability will have on everyday life around the world. The consequences are unpredictable and can lead to an unstable situation in all continents and markets in which ROTO operates. We follow developments in this volatile world day by day and do our utmost to stay on track for our Family members and the ROTO Ecosystem.

Now in Poland we only think about the war in Ukraine, because it is right on our border and we see the suffering of the refugees with our own eyes.

- Łukasz Szczygieł – sales Staco Polska -