Developments in the field of sustainable action continue to progress, which is why we are continuously aligning our goals with the 17 SDGs of the United Nations and adapting to meeting the ESG requirements. Plans for energy efficiency at all locations are contributing to the CO2 emissions goals. The awareness on these topics is group-wide recognised in the KPIs that have been developed for all the eight core themes. These KPIs are our compass to navigate the Business Unit’s performance.


We want to develop new markets, not only in France, but also by focusing on aligning the strategic sales and marketing goals set for each Business Unit. This strategic focus and alignment is not expected to have a significant effect on the number of Family members in 2022.


We encourage our Business Units and Family Members to engage in research and development and to collaborate on new ideas or solutions with internal and external stakeholders and partners. These activities are not related to systematic scientific exploration of new products and services, but are part of our continuous innovation and digitalisation projects.


The completion of the chemical pre-treatment for hot-dip galvanising at Rotocoat Heerhugowaard and the investments resulting from Staco’s strategic plans will we our main investment activities. Each Business Unit investment is aimed at further developing the company in the future, such as ERP software initiatives and the further development of operational ERP systems to benefit from a more digitalised working environment. Our budgeted capital expenditure amounts to € 15.5 million.