We are a Colourful Family Group and respect and welcome Family members of different background, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientations or with different opinions. To promote inclusion and attract a more diverse work force in all positions, we are improving our diversity and recruitment policies and focus more on equal opportunities for all.

Due to the increased competitive markets in 2021, recruitment has become a challenging task. In general, the availability of skilled people is a major concern in all countries where we operate. It is not easy to find people for production work and finding people with specific technical skills is even more difficult. To mitigate the risk, we partner with multiple agencies, we provide continuous learning and development through our new initiated and existing internal academies. We initiated preferred employer programs and to involve our Family members more in recruiting new people, we have launched a referral bonus program.


After an onboarding period of four months, Ditmar Koster has taken over as CEO of Roto B.V. as of 1 January 2021, and has since formed the new management of ROTO, together with Tom van Lindert, CFO. The ROTO management mainly focussed on redefining and integrating the collaborative strategy of ROTO and the five Business Units.

As of 1 January 2021, Brendon Beumer was appointed managing director of our Business Unit De Boer Staal, as of 5 October 2021, Christian Wozniak was appointed “President du Directoire” of our Business Unit Prestia and as of 1 November 2021, Ludger Kramer was appointed managing director of our Business Unit Staco.

Roto B.V. applies the provisions of the mitigated two-tier regime and has an independent Supervisory Board consisting of three persons. Ger de Kwaasteniet stepped down from the Supervisory Board in November 2021, as a result of which the Supervisory Board consists of two people from that moment on: Coert Zachariasse (chairman) and Heleen Cocu–Wassink. The procedure for finding a new member has started. In line with our ambition for more diversity in all positions, we strive for an equal distribution of men and women.