For our ROTO Family, who “lives” in our ROTO Strategy House, our purpose to be THE SUSTAINABLE COLOURFUL METAL FAMILY GROUP is central.

  1. THE: it is our ambition to be world champions in our field.
  2. SUSTAINABLE: we are committed to a sustainable future for our Family members and the environment and we have sustainable financial policies to secure the future of our Family Group.
  3. COLOURFUL: we not only have diverse and colourful activities, but also a diverse and colourful work force.
  4. METAL: the playing field in which we want to be world champions. We explicitly exclude other materials to ensure focus.
  5. FAMILY: we are a Family business. All members of the ROTO Family support each other in good and bad times, share the burden and reap the benefits.
  6. GROUP: we work together as a group towards a sustainable financial future that gives us the freedom to realise our ambitions. Together we are stronger.

We believe that by being THE SUSTAINABLE COLOURFUL METAL FAMILY GROUP we can contribute to a better, more sustainable and more colourful future for our Family members, the ROTO Ecosystem and everyone around us. And by doing so, we can pass on our Family business to future generations.