2021 was the first year for ROTO under the new leadership of Ditmar Koster as CEO and it was a very successful year, despite challenging and dynamic market conditions. The year was marked, amongst others, by the largest take-over in ’ROTO’s history’ through the successful acquisition of Prestia in France. The Supervisory Board is very proud to welcome 400 new ROTO Family members.

As announced in our previous report, Rik van Thiel, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, has stepped down on 30 June 2021. The Board would like to thank Rik for his steadfast support over the years and his many contributions that helped to strengthen ROTO and its leadership. The Supervisory Board would also like to thank Rik for successfully guiding the company through last year’s leadership transition.

Per 1 January 2021, both Heleen Cocu-Wassink and Ger de Kwaasteniet, ROTO’s former CEO, have joined the Supervisory Board. Heleen has a background in Human Resources Management and Business Transformation and as such is an important addition to the Supervisory Board, enabling us to supervise and assist Roto B.V.’s management in the field of Human Resources policy and Human Recourses development. Per 17 November 2021, Ger has decided, for personal reasons, to withdraw from ROTO’s Supervisory Board. We would like to thank Ger for his long-term leadership and unwavering support over the years as well as his many contributions that helped shape ROTO towards the strong, value-based company it is today.

The Supervisory Board will further be extended by a new board member with a focus on sales, marketing and branding during 2022. In line with our ambition, we strive for an equal distribution of men and women, which also fits perfectly with our goals for the CSRD and other requirements.

Meetings and topics

In 2021, the Supervisory Board met regularly, at which the management of Roto B.V. was also present. These meetings, always starting with Safety First, discussed the Business Unit's quarterly reports, operations, sustainability, investment plans and innovation, as well as the audit report on ICT and administrative organisation and the planning and results of the audit procedures.

Special topics for discussion were strategy, entrepreneurship, value creation, risk manage­ment, the results of the ROTO People Survey, HR policy and the importance of leadership and control in the various Business Units and taking steps towards ESG and CSRD reporting.