A claim of improper conduct, such as for bullying, aggressive behaviour or violence, discrimination and sexual or other harassment, can have an adverse effect on the well-being of our Family members. It can have far-reaching consequences and may lead to physical and workplace stress resulting in illness. Complaints are taken seriously, treated carefully and measures are taken if necessary. To prevent undesirable behaviour, we have drawn up a Code of Conduct and a complaints procedure is in place.

From the ROTO People Survey, we learned that most of our Family members do not experience any discrimination or harassment in their work environment. We are proud that this is above the industry benchmark, however, we are dedicated to ensuring that all our Family members feel safe in their working environment.


Although Safety First is more firmly on the agenda, it is clear our safety culture is not yet mature and needs to be developed further. Safety awareness and safety behaviour need to be embedded in our DNA. That is why, from 2021 onwards, every meeting starts with Safety First.

In 2021, a lot of emphasis was placed on reporting unsafe situations. I think it is very important to stay focused on this. For me, safety comes first: at the end of the working day, I like to go home the way I came!

- Lars Janssen, engineer Staco Nederland -