I have been working at Rezinal for 23 years now and I can say that everyone at Rezinal considers safety of paramount importance. On 18 June 2021, we had been accident-free for 3 years.

Nico Maes, operator Rezinal


Further safety training of all our managers and foremen is planned for 2022 as they are essential in raising and promoting safety awareness and proper behaviour on the work floor. By taking safety seriously and leading by example, it is easier to communicate with Family members about unsafe situations and to tackle irresponsible behaviour. A personal approach increases support and ensures that Family members feel more involved in safety initiatives.

To increase awareness at the various production locations, special screens have been installed to continuously visualise safety data. Also, extra safety workshops have been organised for Family members at all locations in 2021. The Last-Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) and safe work instructions such as good housekeeping, instructions for the safe use of equipment and addressing each other when something goes wrong, have been brought to everyone's attention once again and we will continue to do so. We encourage our Business Units to involve external safety experts to assess unsafe situations and on-site safety risks and take appropriate action.


By complying with ISO 45001 we demonstrate to our Family members, potential future Family members and the ROTO Ecosystem that we care about the working conditions and the well-being of our Family members. Rezinal already complies with ISO 45001, but for all our other Business Units certification for ISO 45001 is on the agenda, either for 2022 or 2023.