Donations to social and environmental good causes

We are a strong supporter of organisations that are committed to social and sustainable goals and annually provide financial support to various organisations that are involved.

In 2021, ROTO donated € 38,425 to charities and good causes working in the following areas:

  • environment: Ocean Clean-up and EcoMatcher planting of ROTO Forest with 1,500 tree
  • support for women, girls, trans people and intersex people who fight for their rights: MamaCash
  • health care and surgeries for the poorest in the world: Merci Ships
  • education and teaching materials for children of low income families in Amsterdam: Stichting Leergeld Amsterdam
  • education and teaching materials for children in Sri Lanka: Kalapuwa Foundation
  • therapeutic horse riding for children with a disability: DVB Foundation
  • cancer research and prevention: Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Foundation
  • activities for ill children and their families: Stichting Opkikker and Santa Maxima De Rijp
  • activities for children with special needs nationally and internationally: Lilianefonds and Woongroep Uitgeest
  • deer park in Uitgeest.