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The Business Unit Grating technology produces grating applications based on client-specific requirements. Product options are almost unlimited, which means that there are numerous applications in traditional construction, as well as in architecture for façade cladding, sun blinds and partition walls, in which Staco wants to develop further. The products include floor gratings, perforated treads, louvre and balcony fencing, expanded metal, gratings for decking, Artdeck® and JettyDeck. These unique products and specific applications make a sustainable contribution to architectural solutions.

“ Unique products and specific applications for sustainable solutions.

Looking back

Revenue fell slightly in 2020. This is partly due to the covid-pandemic, which has put the execution of new projects on the back burner and forced the sales managers to serve the customers from home. The margin has been improved, in which strategic reorientation played an important role. At the production locations, the challenge lies in the efficient and effective use of the machinery, which has given rise to new investment impulses. In 2020, the Business Unit Grating technology was awarded the C2C Silver certification, which less than 200 European companies have achieved. The management is proud at achieving this sustainability certificate.

Looking forward

The Business Unit Grating technology continues to look for new product-market combinations. The current market for standard products is subject to a high degree of price competition, which is no longer in line with Staco’s mission. Product development is and will remain important for the strategic objective ‘Create and Inspire’. The sale of expanded metal is further embraced, and new initiatives contribute to a creative and inspiring work environment. The large investments that are necessary for this on both a technical and sustainable level, will be implemented in 2021.

In addition, further steps have been taken to realise efficiency improvements in the ERP program. Digital developments can no longer be ignored, which is why work will continue on automated environment in 2021.

The clear and recognisable strategic market approach constitutes the basis for the management of the sales offices, whereby the implementation of one strategy in all European countries remains a challenge.

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