The Business Unit Steel and steel processing has everything under one roof: a large stock of sheet steel and bulb flats in a range of qualities, dimensions and thicknesses, specialist cutting capacity (autogenous, plasma and laser), technical steel processing such as the application of fusion edges, reducing and shaping of steel and its own steel coating line. This makes it possible to supply complete shipbuilding kits.

Bulb flats for Trailing Hopper Suction Dredger

Looking back

Compared to 2019, the revenue of the Business Unit Steel and steel processing decreased in 2020. The capacity limitation due to an ongoing investment process, is still affecting the Business Unit Steel and steel processing and due to the covid measures it is impossible to target new export markets. As a result, the margin is under pressure and the result for 2020 is disappointing.

Although the operating margin increased by 1.1% point, this is explained by one-off charges in 2019. In 2020, the strategic reorientation was continued, and investments were made to prepare the Business Unit Steel and steel processing for the future. On the roof of the production hall 3,240 solar panels are installed that will generate the first sustainable electricity from the end of February 2021

Looking forward

With the completion of the investments and the arrival of the new managing director, the Business Unit Steel and steel processing is ready for the future. A speedy start will partly depend on the further course of the covid pandemic. As the Dutch shipbuilding sector has a limited number of players, it is a good but too narrow platform on which to build and therefore, the market potential needs to be broadened. De Boer Staal and De Boer Snijbedrijf focus on marketing the modernised cutting company, strengthening trade and the efficient production of shipbuilding kits.

“ With the completion of the investments, the organisation focuses on the future.

The coronavirus initially led to a decline in demand and falling prices on the global steel market, but now the expected economic perspective is leading to an increasing demand and rising prices. In addition to the existing import duties and overproduction on the world market, these waves cause a lot of commotion.

One of the new plasma cutting machines