Sustainable development goals

ROTO wants to contribute to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations by implementing these objectives in its KPIs and joining SDG Netherland. The generally formulated objectives are set out in specific actions in which objectives are formulated in SMART ways as much as possible. Management expects that due to the further integration into ROTO’s policies, attention to the 17 SDGs can be anchored in the ROTO DNA.

Also in 2021, all Business Units will be engaging in the context of these sustainable development goals, for example by focussing on a safe working environment, monitoring energy consumption, setting up a mobility plan for employees, using sustainable materials for packaging, stimulating the personal development of employees, reducing noise and looking further investigating at ways of reducing the physical burden on production workers.


ROTO is a warm supporter of organisations committed to helping society and by giving about 1% of its annual result it supports a number of charities every year. In 2020, ROTO donated money to charities working in the following areas:

  • environment: Ocean Clean-up; poverty reduction: National Fund for Children’s Aid;
  • health research and prevention: National MS Fund and Smoking Prevention Youth;
  • education and teaching materials for children in Africa and Sri Lanka: Peuple du Monde, Edukans and Kalapuwa Foundation;
  • activities for ill children and their families: Stichting Opkikker;
  • activities for children with special needs: Lilianefonds, NSGK, Woongroep Uitgeest;
  • deer park in Uitgeest.